In Amsterdam we deliver your packages, reliably, on-time throughout the entire city. We are the leading same-day ship-from-store and ship-from-hub delivery network.

Do you have parcel shipments within Amsterdam?

Peddler Express is the most reliable ship-from-store, carrier & micro-fulfillment service there is in Amsterdam. We pick-up your parcels at the time you request and deliver them to your customers when they want them. Throughout the entire customer experience you and your customer are kept up-to-date with our secure track & trace facilities. Already trusted by thousands of local stores and leading retail chains, we treat your packages, goods, flowers and food with the utmost care.

Sustainable courier service in Amsterdam

Peddler’s local courier service is reliable, sustainable, and will reduce your company’s carbon footprint with it’s best-in-class zero-emission fleet. You can book pickups in 4 clear time-slots throughout the day for same-day delivery with a super late cut-off time of 5pm. We also offer instant 60-minute, same-evening and next-day delivery. We provide ship-from-hub micro fulfillment services for our partners, where we fulfill from our city hubs, directly to your customers front door.

Ship-from-store & microfulfillment for local retail and global brands


Different products

Goods, groceries, drinks and flowers for the most recognizable brands and retailers in the industry.


CO2 reduction

Actively reduce your company’s carbon footprint, minimise waste packaging and make each delivery more sustainable.


Less diesel vans in our cities

Zero-emission delivery is good for your brand value, better for our cities and most important our environment.


Happy customers

We believe every delivery experience should be yet another reason your customers keep returning.

Get in touch

& track ‘n trace

Peddler Express provides real time integrations with every major webshop, point of sale & delivery management system. We also provide booking via email (completely automated), CSV, FTP and SMS. For development teams a fully documented API is available.

Every parcel can be tracked in realtime for every leg of the route, with custom notifications via SMS and email.