The sustainable standard in urban last-mile logistics

Our mission is to provide zero emission, transformative & superfast city logistical networks that support our local economies and contribute to the vibrancy and culture of our cities.


CO2 reduction

Actively reduce your company’s carbon footprint, minimise waste packaging and make each delivery more sustainable.


Less diesel vans in our cities

Zero-emmision delivery is good for your brand value, better for our cities and most important our environment.


We are a company with big ambitions when it comes to the environment and our planet. We've developed an entirely new delivery network that uses light electric vehicles, incredible technology and micro fulfilment to make the last mile emission-free and reduce waste packaging. We are committed to lead in sustainable deliveries within urban areas and promote sector transformation.

Zero emission logistics using electric cargo bikes/vehicles
Minimizing packaging by not operating distribution centers
Stacked routes to optimise each mile on every ride
Ultra high delivery success rate


We are committed to the welfare of people, our employees and the local community. World changing ideas can only be realised by having a brilliant team which celebrates it's diversity, successes, differences and inclusion. At the heart of our business are our couriers for which we strive to create the best possible working environment with a focus on safety and fairer pay. At Peddler we have a horizontal organization structure where everyone is given the opportunity to realise their full potential. We pride ourselves in discovering great talent from every part of our business.

Health & safety first in particular for the riders
Diversity and inclusion
Promote from within the business, equal opportunities for all


We were born out of creating an innovative marketplace with its roots in local-retail and built for local communities.  We believe that small-to-medium size businesses are essential to a vibrant community and economy. We remain committed to supporting local businesses and local initiatives that improve the vibrance, culture and quality of living in our cities.  We welcome our corporate clients to participate and share-in our common goal; a greener future for all.

Empower local spending to support local economies
Enabling local entrepreneurs to compete with online retail players
Ensure a greener way forward for ecommerce and logistics in our cities

Peddler Express Services

We launched “Peddler Express” as city wide logistical network to serve our marketplace, leading retail chains and carriers. Bundling every cities’ logistical opportunities into our sustainable & hyperfast last mile network is how we ensure your customers always have what they need, when they need it.

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